Brisbane Sunday Social Dance Club Inc. - All Welcome!

We dance at  Wellers Hill Bowls Club, 34 Esher St., Tarragindi, on 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month, excluding December, when we have only one dance on the 2nd Sunday.

  • This venue has a quality timber dance floor and is centrally located, licensed, with ample off-road parking.
  • Each dance commences at *5.30pm with a lesson taught by Alan and Lynelle Armitage (*excluding our Anzac Ball and Christmas break-up occasions). The lesson is followed by dancing 6 - 8:45pm to the music of Walter Willans.
  • We teach three new dances per year and revise others from the dance pool so new members can participate and enjoy the evening.
  • Please bring a plate to share at supper. Tea, coffee and ice water are available throughout the night and drinks can be purchased from the bar.
  • Entry: Members $9  and Visitors $10.
  • The raffle offers chances to win a Coles shopping voucher and the lucky door ticket provides free entry to a subsequent dance.

So… why not join our dance club? Annual membership is only $15 and members receive $1 off door price with free entry to the Christmas dance in December.

Our Management Team:

Brisbane Sunday Social Dance club Inc is a registered association under the Association Incorporation Act.

The operation of the club is overseen by a committee elected at the annual general meeting. This committee meets bi-monthly to consider all operational aspects including venue, music, catering, dance pool and programs.

Many of the current committee members are long-serving and provide valuable input to the smooth running of the club.

Current Executive position holders are:

PRESIDENT - Gayle Berkey


TREASURER - Ivan Taylor

SECRETARY - Pauline Schaeffer-Steel

Our 2021 General Committee Members:

  • Alan & Lynelle Armitage (our dance teachers)
  • Ray Burgess
  • Glenn Cooke
  • Phdeliah Grivas
  • Joan Shepherd
  • Lorraine Taylor
  • Libby Whitestyles

2021 Management Team & Committee Members Update:

At the 14/02/21 AGM Geoff Fielder vacated the committee after years of much appreciated work, amicably setting up & re-setting chairs, tables & spending countless hours co-decorating the function room for our special themed-events with Gayle - to which the committee & club owe Geoff a Big THANK-YOU!

Alan & Lynelle unanimously received "Live Member" status with a wholehearted round of applause by everyone present.

The previous Executive Team was unanimously re-elected with Gayle - President, Jessie - Vice President & Assistant Treasurer with Ivan - Treasurer & Pauline - Secretary.

All previous committee members standing were re-elected with Phdeliah Grivas welcomed on the committee.

2019 Management Team & Committee Members Update:

Due to unforeseen health & family concerns, we have recently experienced the unexpected departure of Rita & Jim Berkelmans our (Treasurer & Dance Program Master) in addition to committee members Rod Torres & Betty Melody.

Club members gratefully acknowledge & thank Rita, Jim, Rod & Betty for their excellent service & high-level of commitment, to the clubs ongoing financial & operational success.

We will miss all their input & help in the day-to-day running’s of the club & hope they may be able to return to dance with us in the foreseeable future.

Rita will continue to serve on the committee & we wholeheartedly welcome Ivan Taylor as incoming Treasurer & Joan Shepherd’s return to our committee is much appreciated.

At our 10 Nov. 2019 Committee meeting Glenn Cooke was unanimously elected to be our new Dance Program Master in 2020 - Welcome onboard Glenn!

Our Mission:

The Brisbane Sunday Dance Club Inc. aims to promote social ballroom dancing in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

We achieve this goal by providing a welcoming environment where people can come together to enjoy social interaction, physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Our Dance Teachers:

 Our Club has been well served by our resident dance teachers over the years. After fifteen years Dave and Joy Baddiley, decided to hand the baton to Alan and Lynelle Armitage in mid 2009.

Alan and Lynelle are long-term members and keen social dancers who each hold accredited teaching qualifications.

Our Musician: 
 We are justifiably proud of our musician, Walter Willans. Over many years he has provided not only the music but has contributed largely to the ambience of our dances. His inimitable style of rendering strict tempo music within the genre of the dances has made no small contribution to the enjoyment of the dance. On special occasions Walter has entertained us with his piano accordion in roaming minstrel style performances.


Our Club's History: Where We've Been and Where We're Going, by Terry Baxter.

In early 1993, a group of people, some of whom are now life members of the Club, saw the need for a regular Sunday dance in Brisbane. They met for an impromptu dance at Woolloongabba and formed what was to become our Club, as it exists today, the Brisbane Sunday Social Dance Club Inc.

After that dance at Woolloongabba, the dances were held at the Caledonian Club at Kangaroo Point from March 1993. Initially held every Sunday, they remained there until mid 1993, when a change of venue to the Greenslopes Bowls Club was made.

Our 1st President (1993):

The first president of our Club, Alan Booker, with advice and support from Don McQuade and others, oversaw the formation of the Club. He stood down as President in late 1993 due to his commitment to the World Masters Games.

Our 2nd President (1993 - 1996):

Our then Vice President, Carl Blume, took up the mantle and remained as President, until the end of 1996. His presidency saw the Club move to the Wellers Hill Bowls Club in 1994, when the dances were held fortnightly, (2nd & 4th Sundays except December 1st & 3rd), as it remains today.

Our 3rd President (1997 - 2000):

With Carl's retirement from the presidency at the end of 1996, Terry Baxter was elected President in 1997. His presidency, over the next four (4) years (1997 - 2000) saw a number of changes. Competition from other forms of Sunday entertainment in 1998, necessitated the introduction of the bring a plate supper as a cost cutting measure, to ensure the continued viability of our Club. Also in 1998, our band of many years, Ken and Trev decided to disband. Our current musician, Walter Willans, a long time member, took over and has provided excellent music ever since.

The inaugural Anzac Remembrance Ball was held in 1999 and continues to be the highlight of our Club calendar. A weekend away to the Treasure Island Resort for the Paradise Point dance commenced in 2000 and was enjoyed by many members and visitors until 2007 when it was discontinued.

Our 4th President (2001 - 2004):

Terry did not seek re-election at the end of 2000 and John Mowat was elected President in 2001. His presidency (2001 - 2004) saw the consolidation of the Club with the continuation of the established activities and the introduction of the practice nights on the fifth Sundays occurring during the year. These practice nights were conducted by Dave and Joy Baddiley who also provided a dance lesson prior to our fortnightly dances since 1995. The practice nights were discontinued, in mid 2009, because of a change to the minimum hire charge of the venue, making it a financial drain on the Club.

Our 5th President (2005):

Geoff Newman became President in 2005 and continued with tried and true established activities. Unfortunately, a substantial increase in rent, in October 2005, placed us in a less than ideal position.

Our 6th President (2006 - 2016):

Terry Baxter was re-elected in 2006, leaving office at the end of 2016. Terry is our longest serving President with a total of fifteen years in office.

Our 7th & current President (2017- 2021):

Gayle Berkey was unanimously elected at the Feb. 11, 2018 AGM & subsequently re-elected to-date.